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Success through Innovation

Our carbon capture technologies are low-risk, scalable, and fully adaptable to the needs of any planned or existing facility. Our state-of-the-art chemical processes are the hard-won results of years of painstaking research and development, and the steadfast efforts of some of the best minds in the carbon capture field. Eden Carbon Solutions works toward the advancement of technological achievement, state-wide and international partnerships, and human ingenuity. We believe a brighter carbon-free future is not only possible, but also the natural bi-product of innovation, hard work, and collaboration.


EDENS patent protected technology allows you to capture more carbon at the lowest possible cost, while meeting the strict environmental criteria. With our modular design plants, scaling up your carbon capture capacity becomes a breeze.

Proven Technology. Revolutionary Process.

When you work with us, you get an experienced team that will work with you to create a custom carbon capture solution for your plant. Utilising our process intensification technology in our modular systems solutions and proprietary solvent, we will help drastically reduce your carbon emissions and set you on the path toward net zero.



Eden Carbon Solutions’ revolutionary carbon-capture technology is one of the most efficient new options for cleansing any stationary source of CO2 - containing combustion gas.

Perfectly adapted to today’s major and numerous opportunities to profit from CO2 reuse and conversion, the technology’s unparalleled advantages represent an invaluable asset in climate change mitigation, as the best technology aligns with operational realities. Using our cost-effective, scalable carbon capture, utilisation technologies, industries can capture over 90% of their CO2.

Our process works within existing industrial operations for minimal disruption and maximum cost-effectiveness. It enables industries to not only reach net zero, but leverage decarbonisation incentives and join the growing global circular carbon economy market. As we close the gap between industries and net zero, we are helping solve both climate and business challenges.

Eden takes your carbon capture to the next level.

Our Solutions

Eden Carbon Solutions is working toward a cleaner, brighter future. Our goal is to help industry work toward net zero, which is why we are a global leader in low-cost carbon capture technology.

Post-Combustion Modular Designs

The patented industry-leading modular design of our post-combustion technologies make them easy to retrofit any existing infrastructure, allowing us to customize the system to our client’s particular needs and state regulatory restrictions.

A Better Way to Capture Carbon

Installing a carbon capture solution on-site can be an expensive and disruptive process. Many facilities do not want to deal with the cost, workload, and disruption of a construction project on that scale. But we are changing that with our latest carbon capture technologies. Our modules are factory manufactured allowing for minimal disruption to daily operations at the host plant.

We believe modularisation is the future of carbon capture.

It will enable industrial facilities of all sizes to decarbonise more cheaply and easily than ever before. Instead of a lengthy design and engineering process, modularisation provides a fast, scalable, product, out-of-the-box solution that can be adapted to any site. Modular systems are prefabricated off-site by Eden, then delivered to the site ready to install.

Easier installation of modular units minimises site disruption and execution time, allowing your facility to continue its regular processes. Modular equipment is also much smaller than a traditional open-plant system, allowing your site to save space, get permits faster, and scale your carbon capture system over time.


The EDEN Process is a patented industrial gas-scrubbing technology using supersonic shockwaves and common chemicals to capture and convert flue-gas emissions and multi-pollutants (including: 99%+ of Particulate Matter and “PM2.5”, toxic metals, SOx, NOx) and CO2.This technology has the capability to achieve maximum environmental compliance for any state or national emissions requirement and has the ability to chemically convert these emissions into resalable products.


The "enabling technology", called the shockwave "free-jet collision scrubbing", which complies with the EPA's Maximum Achievable Control Technology ("MACT") Standards, sequentially and aerodynamically strips flue gas of its four major components of pollution (metals and fine particulates, SOx, NOx and CO2).


The chemical process uses selective reagents to convert each separated pollutant into neutralized forms of pure metals, potassium sulphate fertilizer or sodium sulphate, potassium nitrate fertilizer or sodium nitrate, and CO2.


The key advantage of the EDEN Process is its use of aerodynamic physics and physical chemistry to drastically reduce CAPEX equipment costs and minimize OPEX input. EDEN Process is continuous, and the equipment is compact. This aerodynam ic desig n allows for minimal usage of site footprint, equipment, and significantly lower input and maintenance costs associated with pollution control, which is traditionally considered as a “high cost"

Schematic diagram of capture system

The patented process features a set of supersonic shock nozzles and aerodynamic wind tunnels called “shock tubes.” Polluted flue gas coflows past the shock nozzles into the “shock tube”. The shock nozzles blast a Mach-speed (faster than the speed of sound) vortex of either a choice of steam or compressed air (recognized as a “shocks mixer”) these shockwaves collide with the targeted pollutants and their customized reactants.